Monday, September 30, 2013

Modest is Hottest

Hi everyone! As part of my personal style, I aim to be modest in my dress. I wear tops that cover my shoulders and bottoms that go at least to the knee in length. Unfortunately, most available styles do not fall into either category, so I have to improvise in how I wear each article of clothing. Here are some of the tricks I use to stay modest (as well as hottest!). Ryan Gosling knows best.


Problem: The sleeves don't cover my shoulders, the neckline is too low or the material is see-through.

Solution #1: Purchase a shirt you can wear under an immodest shirt. I prefer the tees from DownEast Basics. They have several colors and are inexpensive. Here's their Classic Tee in white:

Here's how it can look:

Solution #2: Wear the tank under a cute cardigan or blazer.

c/o J.Crew
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c/o Boden


Problem: They are too short, coming above the knee.
Solution: Wear a longer slip or skirt underneath. There are cute options at right now:

Purchase here.
Purchase here.


For dresses, you can combine the two principles. Here's how it can look:

Bonus: If the dress is too short, wear it as a cute top!
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Fashion Trends

Hello everyone! I decided since the weather is getting chillier, to post about this season's fall fashion. Here are a few of my top picks:
I love this coat and the sassy socks with strappy heels. It provides a nice transition into fall.
Another wonderful coat. I love the neutral color-combination.
A great ensemble for the cooler days. The boots definitely scream fall!
A good example of how to wear a maxi skirt when the weather cools down.
Here is a cute dress that screams fall. I would probably add a red lip so that I wouldn't drown in the dark color.

Credits: this is glamorous; M A R I T S A; riches for rags; refined style; and chinchilla love.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Hair Routine

Hi Guys! I thought I would post my hair routine so that you can see how I get my hair to behave. This past weekend, I went to a pool party, where I didn't get a chance to re-style my hair after I went in the pool. Here is how I look without any product in my hair:

Besides being sad, it's just not a pretty picture. Also, I just woke up.

Enter hygiene!

My Hair Routine
Head n Shoulders ShampooGarnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Conditioner / Redken Hair Treatment / Comb / Fekkai Summer Hair Spray / Bed Head Creative Genius Sculpting Liquid / TRESemm√© Mousse / TRESemm√© Hair Spray

Process: When I shower, I shampoo (1) and then condition (2) my hair. Once I condition, I comb (4) it through. Once a week, I deep treat (3) it for 5-10 minutes.

After the shower, I towel-dry it, then spray it (5), then add gel (6), and finish it off with mousse (7). Once I've run the products through my hair, I spray it (8) to set it.

Even though it takes a while to do this, my hair is tamed, so it's worth it! This is how it looks after (please note I also just woke up in this shot, so it's not 100% perfect):

Happy and my curls are defined!